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Equipment - Capacity

Our company has a wide range of sewing machines that can perform almost any technical requirements.

Sewing Durkopp Adler:

  • 767 needle flat-FAS-373-RAP-HP
  • two flat pins 767-FA-273-PAR
  • second column needles FAS-768-373-RAP-HP
  • wrinkled and over lock 550-12-23

Singer Sewing Machine:

  • over lock 3 wire-1842L 063-5

The 150 highly trained workers will guarantee quality products at competitive prices.

Our company produces monthly the equivalent of 8800 hours and we plan an expansion of our capacity in the immediate period due to new contracts.

Find out how

Our Development Department is working with paper patterns or GEMINI files (*. plt / hpg * * / HPGL *).

With advanced technical competence and knowledge, we optimize the various models to improve the wear of materials, details of design, comfort and durability.

Our employees have extensive experience in technical and development, both cutting and sewing, theoretical and practical level.

The computer program is a package used for planning applications and enterprise resource management (ERP) solution that integrates accounting and financial management with planning and tracking inventory, sales, warehouse management, distribution logistics, production planning and monitoring, tracking costs, monitoring and maintenance of fixed assets, salaries and human resource management etc.

Quality, price, time delivery and best quality services have provided us with very good customers, loyal over several years and secured them their competitiveness and flexibility in their sales markets.

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